Meet The Team

An Experienced Team Under One Roof

The Strength of Our Staff is the Foundation of Our Success

Clients continually express to us that the main benefit of working with K&B Home Solutions is our team. We are not a one builder or contractor shop, but rather a robustly staffed, full-service design-build firm whose members pride themselves on quality craftsmanship and open communication. When you work with K&B, you get the experience often associated with a large enterprise along with the intimacy of working with a small firm. We offer architects, project managers, contractors, design coordinators, and in-house staff all under one roof so we can efficiently manage projects from conception to completion. Each member of our team is committed to crafting homes that exceed expectations and are brought in on time and on budget.

K&B Home Solutions - Bergen County Custom Home Builders and Remodeling Contractors

Bill, Field Operations 
Bill plans, organizes and evaluates each and every project. He works directly with clients to discover their desires and ideas for their dream home, then initiates layout, elevation and floor plan designs. Once a design and estimate is finalized, he explains the construction process in detail and continuously makes sure the project runs smoothly and is completed according to K&B quality guidelines. Bill started in the industry as a cabinet maker. Over the years, he transferred his keen eye and attention to detail to custom trim work, then renovations and entire home builds. His love of building and layering dates back to his childhood, where he built entire LEGO cities in his room. In fact, the LEGO layering concept inspires his custom trim and ceiling designs, which are a K&B hallmark.

Carmela, In-House Operations
Carmela keeps projects flowing in-house. Coordinating with Bill and the field team, she manages the in-house staff overseeing milestones, design selections, and client communications to ensure a seamless construction process from start to finish. Carmela makes sure every phase of the project is completed in a timely manner, expenses incurred fall within the stipulated budget, and that any challenge that arises is quickly addressed.

Field Team: Project Manager, Forman and General Contractors
Our field team is second to none. The Project Manager supervises each build or renovation from beginning to end, coordinating all aspects of the project, including budgetary and time constraints, overseeing sub-contractors, and implementing architectural plans. A quality control Forman is always on the job making sure each task is completed as projected by our skilled General Contractors, which include custom trim and tile specialists so that each detail is expertly executed.

Design Coordinator 
To alleviate selection stress, our in-house Design Coordinator assists clients with their building material choices – everything from siding, windows and doors to fixtures, flooring and finishes. Read more about our Design Services, click here.

In-House Office Staff 
We could not manage the timing and budget of each project without our In-House Office Staff. This personable team is your initial point of contact. They schedule and oversee contracts, permits, plans, deliverables, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and constant client outreach. They make it possible for the K&B team to be transparent about budget, milestones, and spending.

The K&B team strives to create your dream home. Call us today to see how we can assist you with your home build or renovation.