A successful home renovation is all in the details. So that no detail is overlooked, we have developed The K&B 8 Steps To Successfully Renovating A House. This guide, along with our experience and expertise, ensures a smooth renovation from concept and design to construction and landscaping.

Throughout the process, we listen to your desires, carefully plan, continuously monitor, and focus on quality. From the planning stage through completion, our team works with you to transform your vision into a reality. If you simply have a rough sketch or idea, we’ll put it on paper and have our architect draws the plans. If you already have an architect, we’ll turn his drawings into your dream home. Need help selecting fixtures? We do that too!

Here is a look at the K&B renovation process:

  1. Meet with our in-house designer.
    To start the renovation process, you will meet with our senior designer. Together, you will explore your vision, want-list, needs, and budget. We will review any architectural plans you may have or sketch out your concept as a springboard for the development of plans. To identify any possible zoning or variance issues, we will also review your survey.
  2. Create a design and detailed proposal.
    Based on the information gathered during the initial meeting, our in-house designer will create plans that incorporate the details you provided, along with a proposal covers all phases from start of project to final finishes.
  3. Review and sign contract.
    After you had time to review the plans and proposal, you will meet with our designer to view the final design and sign the contract. The contract will outline the details of your project, from the type of foundation we will be installing to your finishes. Once agreed upon, the building process begins.
  4. Prepare and submit permit packets.
    Should you need an architect, we will have one onsite and begin the process of your professional architectural plans for submission to the town, along with your permit packet. Once submitted, our team will follow up with the town and handle all questions and items that are needed to get your approvals to start building.
  5. Begin the selection process.
    While waiting for town approval, our junior design consultant will assist you with your project selections. This will range from helping you chose your project finishes to locating specialty items and advising on lead times so that we can have everything ready to install as needed. Having these details finalized allows us to keep the project on target and within budget.
  6. Discuss construction process.
    Near the project start date, we will have a pre-construction meeting. We will introduce you to your project manager and discuss your architectural drawings and contract. Our team will answer all your questions regarding the actual progression of the project and review expectations to ensure that we are all carrying through the same vision.
  7. Start project.
    Once construction begins, your project manager will be onsite every day overseeing every aspect of your project. The production/field assistant will help manage the project from within our office. Together, they will handle:
  • Scheduling each phase of your project
  • Deliveries
  • Subcontractors
  • Reviewing each phase of the project with you and our team in detail
  • Walk through of electrical, plumbing, locations of items
  • Questions you may have
  1. Complete your project.
    At the completion of your project we have a walk through, reviewing and addressing any final punch list items. We will also schedule all final inspections with your town to secure a certificate of occupancy.

We understand the scale of a home renovation project and the attention to detail it requires. That is why we developed this 8-step process. This methodology, together with our experience and commitment to quality craftsmanship and outstanding service, ensures a smooth project.

The K&B team strives to transform your house into your dream home. Call us today to see how we can assist you with your home renovation.

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