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Add A Level

/Add A Level

Second Floor Addition Before and After Photos

When you need extra space and are on a narrow piece of property, the only place to go is up! A second floor addition can literally double your living space without increasing the footprint of your home. This type of addition also allows you to maintain your outdoor living space. So, you can keep your [...]

Add A Level in New Milford, NJ

Need more space, but don’t want to move? Maximize your home’s footprint and double your square footage by adding a level. If you have a small lot, building up can provide the extra space you crave. This popular type of renovation is a common practice for us. The experienced K&B team carefully removes the existing [...]

Add A Level

Add a Level and Increase Living Space, Curb Appeal and Value Love your home and/or property but need extra room? Family is expanding, but don’t want to incur the expense or hassle of a move? Then adding a second story with K & B may be the perfect Solution. Our Add a Levels double the [...]