Is your bathroom in desperate need of a remodel? Are you looking to upgrade from builder grade materials or step out of the 70’s? We have renovated many bathrooms – powder rooms, master baths, family bathrooms, Jack and Jill bathrooms. They are a popular project with any homeowner looking to improve the look and function of their home. A remodel can, however, be overwhelming. If you sit down to think about what you want and plan out your vision, everything can become much more clear. Here are 8 things to consider if you are considering a bathroom renovation.

Toilet placement. If possible, design a layout where the toilet is not the first thing you see as you open the door. Usually, bathroom doors are left open when not in use. That means any guest walking past the bathroom will see your toilet straight away – not necessarily the most aesthetically pleasing view. If you have the space, create a separate toilet room.

Lighting. The best way to light the bathroom is to incorporate layers of lighting. Include task, decorative, ambient and accent lighting in your design.

Sink height. Countertops are usually 32 to 34 inches off the floor. If you are considering an above counter vessel sink, be sure to account for its height and adjust the height of your vanity accordingly.

Vanity size. Everyone wants counter space and storage, BUT when it comes to selecting a vanity, you need to think like Goldilocks. A vanity that is too big can interfere with traffic flow. A vanity that is too small will have you craving more space. While dual vanities offer ideal space and function, they may be too overwhelming for the space. You want a vanity that fits the room. If you have the space, create his and her vanity areas.

Shower, bath, or both. If you are planning a master bath remodel, chances are you may be working with a good amount of space. Based on your lifestyle, you should consider if you want a large shower, soaking tub, or both! If you are dreaming of a spa bathroom, you may even want a steam shower. A contractor can help you determine what can and cannot fit in your space. And be sure to add recessed niche in your shower surround so you can skip the shower head organizers.

Tile, countertops, and fixtures. Higher-end finishes and materials can transform your space into a luxurious retreat. When designing your bathroom, consider how these materials can complement the style of the rest of the home. Also think about how you use the room. If you have children, you may want to shy away from chrome fixtures and stick to brushed nickel to avoid drips and fingerprints.

Plumbing. Does you design involve moving a toilet, sink, or bath/shower? Relocating the tub or toilet is no small task and can increase your renovation budget.

Warm floor. If you are gutting your bathroom, you should consider installing radiant heat beneath the new tiles to keep your feet toasty.

Master Bath Dual Sink Vanity

Give us a call for more tips, to see examples of bathrooms we have remodeled throughout the Bergen County area, or to learn how we can help with your renovation.